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How to Choose a Dog Bike Trailer

Mar 17, 2022

Sit down and really consider what kind of riding you will be doing. Think about the terrain and the climate. Consider your dog’s comfort level.

This section outlines what we believe are the most important features for a dog bike trailer. Above all, you want a high-quality, durable item that will handle the sort of adventures you have in mind.


Biking with a pet bike trailer significantly alters the way you ride your bike. It takes a few spins to get used to the feeling. 

A few things to keep in mind:

You have to take wide corners

Acceleration takes a bit of effort

Cruising downhill is like towing a parachute

Pedaling uphill feels like, well, like you’re towing a trailer


Some dog bike trailers are made of mesh panels for breathability, while others are made from a more solid fabric. Mesh can be more prone to tearing if your dog tends to scratch, but allows fresh air to flow through the trailer. 

Also consider the material of the frame as well. Aluminum frames are lighter, yet less durable than steel frames.

Steel weighs more than aluminum, but can be easily welded back together if it breaks. Additionally, steel can handle more weight, which is important if you have a large dog. 

We recommend avoiding plastic frames as they’re inexpensive and easily break


As with most gear, you get what you pay for. A high quality dog bike trailer can last thousands of miles, whereas a less expensive one may fail easily. 

Things to look out for include:

Materials – aluminum and steel vs plastic

Wheels – are the spokes made from plastic or aluminum? Plastic wheels are done if they break, but spokes can be replaced.

Skewers – Are they easy to remove?

Tires – What is the likelihood of getting a flat on the factory tires,(20” X 1.75”) 


Some dog bicycle trailers come with suspension, which we found infinitely useful cycling over gravel roads in South America.

If you stick to roads and paved bike paths, then you can forgo the suspension. Many bike trailers can handle some bumpy terrain even without suspension.

Suspension softens the impact of riding on rough or bumpy terrain. The trade off is heavier trailer, but your pup will feel considerably more comfortable on rocky roads.