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Why Use a Bike Trailer for Your Dog?

Mar 18, 2022

Why Use a Bike Trailer for Your Dog?

Biking with your dog can be an enjoyable activity for both parties, but this isn’t always feasible – some dogs lack the discipline to run alongside your bike, while others lack the physical ability to do so. However, bike trailers can allow you to tow your pup around when it wouldn’t otherwise possible!

   There are a number of reasons it may make more sense to chauffer Fido around on your next bike ride, rather than having him run alongside you. A few examples include:

  ★Your pup lacks the discipline to run alongside your bike. Many dogs are healthy and energetic enough to run alongside you for considerable distances, but they are too easily distracted to do so without yanking you off course every 30 seconds.By giving your pup a lift, he still gets to see the world go by and you get to enjoy a nice ride.

 ★Your typical rides last longer than your dogs energy level. If you like to take really long trips on your two-wheeler, youll probably outlast your dogs stamina. By towing a bike trailer, your dog can run alongside you until he tires, at which point he can jump in the trailer and catch a ride the rest of the way.

 Your dog isnt really into exercise, but loves to tag along. Many dogs particularly short-nosed breeds like pugs and bulldogs love to get out and about, but they lack the physical traits to run very far or for very long.

 Trailers make it easy to get your dog some outdoor time and fresh air, without taxing his little body too much. Short-nosed dogs are also great candidates for dog strollers when owners want to get out and about without tiring out their pooches too much.

 Your older or sick pup needs a chance to get outdoors. If your dog is recovering from an injury or suffering from illness, a bike trailer gives you the chance to get him outside for a while, without forcing him to expend much energy himself