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Garden Dump Carts Wagons With Removable Sides

heavy-duty steel garden dump cart wagons with 10 inch pneumatic tires make moving objects such as wood, fertilizer, shovel, watering can, flower pot, tool box etc easily and convenient. This utility cart is made from durable powder-coated steel frame and steel mesh so it is strong enough to haul up to 440 pounds of rocks, dirt, mulch and more. The straight handle has a 180-degree turn capability, also the front wheel can swing left and right which make carts can quickly change directions. The garden dump function make it more convenient and portable in daily garden operations. Our carts was designed with removable sides which increase the ability to carry large loads and different-sized loaded.

About this item

 Unique dumping design: our dump garden wagon there is no need to remove the entire rear side rail when dumping, just remove the plug and dumping is ok. Avoid missing plug and scattered parts. Also the dump garden carts's bed was designed to be flat plate, no residue when poured.


1.Removable sides with handle: the humanized design make dump garden carts more convenient to use; 

2.Wagon liner: convenient for loose material, helps keep debris, mulch and rocks from falling out; 

3. Handle fixed device: the securing clip helps prevent the handle from swinging around; 

4.Plastic mat: which can protect the garden cart bed;

Durable Design: Yardsam garden dump wagons carts made from durable steel metal mesh material and powder coated a vibrant color to make it sturdier and weather resistant. Which provides stability and security for your daily operations.

Multi-Purpose and Warranty: Yardsam dump wagon cart with pneumatic wheels can lift and move rocks, wood, boxes, equipment, etc. Suitable for lawn, garden, farm or hillside, etc. Max loaded weight capacity of 440 pounds. 

Attention: Please tighten all the screws of the chassis and the bearing, otherwise there will be a slight shaking feeling during use, which will affect the experience of use the product.

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