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Product introduction

● Sturdy steel frame bicycle trailer with removable 40 litre transport box,Can hold up to 40 kg.

● Secure coupling with permanently installed high drawbar coupling; pneumatic tyres 16 inches with Car valve.

● Also suitable as a hand cart thanks to handles.

Top features

● Bicycle trailer with removable 40 litre folding box.

● Sturdy, powder-coated steel tube frame.

● Easy transport of up to 40 kg of luggage.

● Can also be used as a hand cart thanks to existing handles.


● Complete with permanently installed clutch system, suitable for all bicycles with 26 - 28 inches.

● Suitable for a drinks crate.

● 16 inch pneumatic tyres with sturdy steel spoke rim.

● Car valves for easy air filling at any petrol station.

● Fixed base for safe parking when disconnected

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