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Best camping Trolleys –from Qingdao sunny outdoor products

Mar 22, 2022

                                   Guide to buying the best camping trolley

  To find the best camping trolley for your needs consider where you will be using it, the loads you intend to carry and how often it’s going to get used to make your best purchase.

The best camping trolleys all have:

   Strong, thin wheels

   Pull bar steering

  Large, washable storage area

   No canopy 

As I always say when buying any picnic, walking or camping equipment you get what you pay for.  So don’t be skimpy, learn what you need with our camping trolley buyers guide, do your own research too and then shop confidently.

Where are you using the trolley?


where you are using the trolley will impact the type of wheels you want on your trolley. For the beach you want big chunky wheels to get over the sand however the best camping trolley will have thin wheels.

Thinner wheels meansit cuts through mud easier and is more responsive on uneven ground.  Having the wheels turn 360 degrees can be helpful as ever.  You only need a telescopic pull handle on camping trolleys for dragging the loads to your pitch.

Camping trolleys are basically just a large container on wheels.  No fancy bits on this trolley like a canopy, push bars or cup holders are needed.  Heck even brakes aren’t a standard feature on these.

Storage Capacity

3-folding wagon cart

Tents, cool boxes, camping fridges etc are all rather large so the more capacity in the trolley the better.  Camping equipment is heavy as well so you want the best camping trolley that can take some serious weight.

Make sure the camping wagon doesn’t have a canopy (or at least its removable) as that restricts what you can put in the basket.

Maximum Load Capacity


The maximum load you can safely move in your camping truck will vary greatly so make sure you buy the right truck for your required weight.  Having a folding camping trolley that can take more weight will mean fewer journeys to the car…time is money and all that so i guess try and save it!

Weight & Portability


  Its great getting a huge camping trolley to lug everything but will it fit in your car and could you lift it in and out easily?  This is what i call the girlie rule of buying – always consider can the ladies of the family manhandle these trolleys easily? If not think twice before buying it…look for smaller lighter weight models.  

 There are some like the the Songmics Folding Camping Trolley that are smaller framed, lighter and still carry a huge load.  Its down to the durability of the camping cart.


These camping carts have lots of small moving parts in them and will be getting dragged and battered about on some rough terrain. Through in some fairly heavy weights and if used regularly you can find the budget camping trolleys break.

So durability (strength of the parts its made from) is an important fact to consider.  Spend a little more money to get a better quality camping trolley, look for rubberised wheels for grip and longevity. 

You also want a removable storage trug so it can be cleaned.  And get a handle with a decent grip…when dragging a trolley you want to be able to pull with all your might so padded handle helps.