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Product introduction

Folding Handcart with Wide Tyres Made of High Quality PU Material, 

1 cm Thick Steel Bracket, 6000D Double Layer Oxford Fabric, 

Suitable for All Terrains

【Widen Tyre and 360° Rotation】

The tyre measures 18cm (diameter) x 9.5cm (width).

 The wheels are made of premium PU. 

Unlike other similar products made of PP material, have a stronger grip and high stability. 

In addition, the front wheels of the car can rotate 360°. 

High-quality tyres allow trolleys to glide effortlessly on different terrain.

【Double layer 6000D Oxford cloth】

The fabric is made of double 6000D Oxford cloth, which is more durable. 

It is washable and easy to clean if dirty.  handcart is CE, ST, CPSC certified,

 safe and environmentally friendly. Children can also sit on it.

【Easy to collect and carry】 

The length and width of the cart can be folded. 

Folding in multiple angles saves 50% more space than other similar products 

and takes up less space. Other similar products are only folded in halves. 

this cart make it easier for you to do outdoor activities.

【1cm thick body steel bracket】

The car body mount is made of steel and the wall thickness is 1cm (other products are 0.8cm). 

The improved material makes it more loadable with a maximum load of 100 kg.

 You can put many things in without worrying about it being easily damaged. 

It can also be used as a garden trailer or other transport trolley.

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