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Product introduction

About this item

Control: a telescopic handle and an adjustable push handle to choose from. It is suitable for gardening in your garden, family trips, camping, fishing or other occasions that you think appropriate.

Heavy load

maximum static load 120 kg. 90L super large volume, Velcro and press studs attach the fabric firmly to the iron frame. 

The fabric size is 74 cm x 45 cm x 27 cm

Large wheel

The front wheel is a steering wheel that can be rotated 360°. 

The car has good driving stability. With 12 bearings, it can move smoothly even under heavy loads.

Off-road PU foam wheel, width 10 cm, diameter 18 cm, wear-resistant, 

Non-inflated, noiseless, suitable for different roads.

Use and care

The basket can be disassembled without tools and cleaned frequently. 

A folded trolley takes up very little space to be stored properly. After folding, 

the trolley can stand alone or you can pull it around

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